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I Started ponies and paints with my son's 1st birthday party in Feb 2019.... it was a hit and I couldn't wait to share that same experience with other children celebrating their special day with their family and friends.

I've combined my 3 passions, animals, children and art.

I've been a hair and makeup artist and nanny for the past 20 years and animals have always been in my life , so to now work with all 3 combined is a DREAM COME TRUE!!


I bought Sugar on Good Friday 2014, she was very shy and it took a while for her to come out of her shell. We soon formed a really great bond and during those 4 months of getting to know each other, I watched her belly getting bigger and bigger, and felt lots of kicking..... she had her beautiful baby girl (Bella) on 17th October 2014. We were all there to help her, its STILL one of the most AMAZING EXPERIENCES I've ever had.

Now that I'm a mum and seeing my baby riding her baby, it  melts my heart every time!

Sugar is a very sweet, brave and friendly pony and the kids love dressing her up at parties.


Cheeky, baby Bella.... well not a baby anymore ...

My first foal experience and far out she was a little cutie.

She's always been extremely independent, curious, friendly and funny.

She loves attention and being groomed and is a hit at the parties.


I got Sonic in Nov 2015 and he fitted in straight away. He's a very smart boy and loves to do tricks. He's always running around and playing with the other horses. The kids love painting him as he has a lot of white and the colours show up a lot more on him.

Public Liability Insurance of $5,000,000

WWCC (working with children check) -WWC1215927E expires 18/4/27

Police check- 768257-545604

Vital First Aid Certified